What is QIWI VISA Virtual?

QIWI VISA Virtual is an easy way to make deposits in cash with a payment kiosk.

After making your payment to the virtual VISA (instant), you will receive an SMS with your virtual card data. Once this is received, the Card can be used to make an online payment.

For details on QIWI VISA Virtual, visit http://visa.qiwi.ru/

How to get a QIWI VISA Virtual?

1. With a QIWI payment kiosk. Instruction: http://qiwi.ru/private/cards/qvv/instructions/terminal/

2. Using service QIWI wallet: https://w.qiwi.ru/

3. From a Beeline mobile phone account. Instruction: http://www.beeline.ru


The lowest limit of the card is 300 rubles. If you pay in foreign currency, the applicable exchange rate, is the rate of Central Bank +1%.

If you buy a card at the payment kiosk, the commission will be charged 5%.

Instructions for how to make a deposit to your LotosCasino account:

That is exactly the same as with a regular VISA.

1. In the "Cashier" click on "Credit / Debit Card" on the left side of the screen. If "Credit / Debit card" does not appear, click "Other ways to make deposit" to get the full list.

2. You should see the page deposit with "Credit / Debit Card". Enter the amount and other necessary information, and then click "Send".

Upon approval of your deposit, the funds will be instantly credited to your account, so that you can immediately log in and enjoy the games. You will receive an online notification confirming that your deposit request has been approved. You will also be sent a deposit confirmation by email. We recommend you keep the confirmation number for future reference.

Your card’s balance and transactions statement is available at any time at http://visa.qiwi.ru/.