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Here is a taste of the wide variety of exciting casino games available at LotosCasino!


Your spider sense will be tingling with this new, exciting 25 paylines video slot machine! Not only do you get to play on a beautiful Spiderman themed video slot machine, you could be eligible for free extra spins, a variety of progressive jackpots, an incredible animated bonus game, and a special feature where Spiderman demonstrates one of his many superpowers.

Fantastic Four

Are you a Fantastic Four fan? If so, you should try our new fantastic four video slot machine! Not only are you eligible for 3 huge progressive jackpots, but a variety of animated characters who offer different wins and different free game options make this game real winner.


What do you get when you combine Tetris and shiny jewels? You get Bejeweled, a new game just added to Lotos Casino. Line up colorful jewels to win big. Bejeweled offers hours of excitement and mind blowing play!

3 card poker

Do you like poker but hate waiting for other players to make their moves? Play 3 card poker and play directly against the dealer. Play either “Pair Plus” or “Ante Game” and double your money!


Play one of the world's most popular casino games at Lotos Casino! Try and get lucky 21 in this fast paced, exciting casino game. You can spend hours at the tables and never get bored of this game!

Crazy BlackJack

When normal blackjack isn’t enough, give Lotos Casino's special “Crazy Blackjack” a try. An incredible mixture of normal blackjack, multi hands and exciting side bets will make your heart race, every time you play!

Video Slots

Slot Century Video Slot

If you are a gambling traditionalist, you will appreciate the retro feeling that Slot Century video slots gives you. With all the traditional symbols you expect on a slot machine, along with an incredible bonus game, each spin with this game sends you back in time!

City Life Video Slot

Do you think you can handle the harsh realities of a big, metropolitan city? Play City Life video slots and see if you can tough it with the swindlers and seducers of this thrilling City Life slot machine. You may lose your money to these clandestine characters but you can win it back in the special City Life bonus game!

Flower Power Video Slot

Groovy Baby! Head back to the silly ‘60s and play this flower power themed video slot game. If the psychedelic spirals aren’t enough for you, you can play the Far Out Fashion bonus game and win some extra cash by designing the perfect, funky outfit. Sure, it’s far out but it’s tons of fun!

Freaky Fruit

Didn’t your mom ever say you need to eat your fruit and veg? Get a full serving of fruit with Lotos Casino’s Freaky Fruit video slot machine. Enjoy bright and vibrant colors, while making tons of cash with Freaky Fruits yummy bonus round. Video Slots have never tasted better.

Mystery of the Tarot Video Slots

The tarot cards on this machine predict a future of riches and prosperity for you. Match the tarot cards and play in two money filled bonus rounds. Who knew tarot cards could be so profitable?

Knights and Maidens Video Slots

While they didn’t have slot machines in medieval times, this knights and maidens themed machine is sure to have you thinking about gold and castles. The bonus round presents many ordeals to you but if you conquer them, riches will be yours!

Globetrotting Video Slots

Explore the world with this travel themed video slot machine. Exotic bonus rounds allow you to multiply your winnings and beautiful reel art makes you feel like you are flying a mile high!

Top Spin Snooker Video Slots

Shoot the 8 ball into the corner pocket with this snooker themed video slot machine. Shoot with the pros and land yourself in the top spin bonus round.

Goals of Gold Video Slots

There are no penalty kicks in this game but the Goals of Gold video slot machine puts you right in the middle of the action! If you think you can beat the goalie one-on-one, play in the Cash Cup bonus game and multiply your earnings!

Labyrinth of Egypt Video Slots

Travel to Egypt with this pyramid themed video slot machine. Sneak your way through the labyrinths and try to make your way to the Tomb of Treasures bonus game and win more money from the mysterious pharaohs! Unlock the safe and experience riches you can only dream of!

Classic Slot Machines

Progressive Jackpot Classic Slot Machines

2 Times Extra Wild Slot Machine

Is our 2 times wild slot machine not wild enough for you? Play our 50p progressive version of that same game but experience 5x the thrills!

Millionaire Genie

Wish for riches with the Millionaire Genie slot machine. This £1 slot machine features a wild millionaire genie as a “wild card” and an incredibly exciting scratch card style bonus round.

Super Thundering 888

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but want huge payouts, play the Super Thundering 888 slot machine. These 25p progressive slot machines give you the potential of huge payouts with extremely small wagers.

Mega Gold & Green

This 50p progressive slot machine offers huge payouts for small wager sizes. Play more for your bankroll on the Mega Gold & Green slot machine!

Treasure Twirl

Watch the spinning wheel going round! The Treasure Twirl is an exhilarating £1 progressive slot machine that features a Treasure Twirl “wild card” symbol and a fun wheel of fortune style bonus round. Get a good spin and you could multiply your wager up to 500x!

Deep Ocean Pachislo

If you are a control freak, Deep Ocean Pachislo is for you. One of the rare slot machines that allow you to control when your wheels start and stop spinning, this Japanese style progressive jackpot slot machine provides hours of fun!

Classic Video Slot Machines

2 Times Wild

Big payouts are what 2 Times Wild is all about! If you are lucky enough to get a combo that has two wild card symbols, your payout is four times what is advertised!

5 Times Wild

If you want the opportunity to multiply your payout even higher, you have to play 5 Times Wild! If you get a spin combination that has 2 wildcard symbols, your payout is 25 times the advertised payout!

10 Times Wild

If 5 times wild is not wild enough for you, then 10 times wild should be more than you can handle. If you get two wildcard symbols in your winning combo, you will receive 10 times the advertised payout. What’s wilder than that?

Wild Spider

Crawl off your web and head over to the Wild Spider slot machine. With many different possible winning combinations and interesting graphics, this machine will multiply your payout 25 times, if you get two wildcard symbols on your spin!

Thundering 888

If you like to give your mind a workout, play the Thundering 888 slot machine. You always have to pay attention because this machine pays out on different combinations, relative to the amount of credits you put in!

Pyramid's Treasure

If you are a fan of ancient Egyptians and pyramids, then the Pyramids Treasure is the machine you should be playing! With three paylines, featuring Egyptian inspired symbols and a “Pyramid of Pyramids” jackpot, which you receive when you get pyramids in three lines that form a pyramid, this game provides hours of pharaoh inspired fun!

Gold & Green

Are you looking for a more traditional slot machine experience? If so, Lotos Casino’s Gold and Green slot machine has tons of fun to offer! If you form a winning combination with two wildcard symbols, you will receive four times the advertised payout!

Slots Ahoy

Arrrgh! Ahoy Matey! If you seek a pirate filled experience, play the Slots Ahoy slot machine at LotosCasino. You can even use the Pirate flag as a wildcard to complete your winning spins.


Let’s get ready to ruuumble! Duke it out with this boxing inspired classic slot machine. Using the glove symbol as a wild card, you can create knockout winning combinations. If you use two in one winning line, you can get four times the advertised payout! Total knockout!

Ole Glory

Americana at it’s greatest! This classic slot machine bears the colors of the good old USA. Take a spin and see how many red, white and blue colored winning combinations you can get!


The sound of the ball going around the roulette wheel is unmistakable! Head over to one of Lotos Casino’s roulette tables and place the winning bet. Many different betting options and hours of excitement are awaiting you. Play a few rounds today!

Video Poker

Power Video Poker

Are you immune to information overload? Do you want the most exciting casino experience possible? Play power video poker and play 50 hands at the same time! It may sound a little extreme but once you give it a try, you will be hungry for more. Also, 50 hands are just equal to 50 times the winnings. It can’t get any better than this!

Jacks or Better

If you don’t have a lot of experience with video poker, this is where you should start! This simple game allows you to enjoy the excitement of video poker without the steep learning curve.

Bonus Poker

Sometimes, the regular poker payouts are just not enough! Bonus poker is just like Jacks or Better but has better payouts for rare, four of a kind card combinations. Use this as a stepping stone to more advanced forms of video poker!

Aces and Faces

Does bonus poker still not give you enough variety for winning payouts? Aces and Faces is the only game to play! This game is played just like Bonus Poker, but has even more four-of-a-kind winning combinations!

Jokers Wild

If you are looking for a little change up from other forms of video poker, give Jokers Wild a try. Two extra jokers in the deck allow for even more winning combinations! Winning hands start at a pair of Kings not jacks, like other forms of video poker.

Royal Diamonds

Progressive jackpots don’t just apply to slot machines! Royal Diamonds are played just like a normal video poker machine but a diamond royal flush jackpot wins you a huge progressive jackpot!

Deuces Wild

Twos are usually throwaway cards in any form of video poker but in deuces wild, they are very valuable. Use a two as a wild card to complete any hand better than three of a kind and win big!

Poker Games Arena

Caribbean Poker

This Caribbean variation of poker is very similar to traditional five card stud but with a few slight variations. At LotosCasino, it was the first table casino game to be eligible for large progressive jackpot payouts. Experience the thrill of this exciting game and have a chance to win big!

Pai Gow Poker

The only real relation this game has to poker is the winning hands! Get dealt seven cards and arrange them into two hands with a higher value than the dealer. This Chinese inspired game has been a favorite of many gamblers for years.


If dice are your thing, head over to the craps table. This pretty often misunderstood game is actually quite easy to play. Bet on the potential outcome of specific rolls and win big!


If you are looking for a game with a slower pace, play some LotosCasino keno. It is basically a casino version of Bingo, however with a little more excitement. If you want to relax and win some money, play keno!


No longer reserved for the rich and noble, Baccarat is an exciting game for all gamblers to play. Get a hand combination as close as nine as possible and win big jackpots. It’s that simple!