Casino Dice

How to play Casino Dice

Predict the next roll of dice and win and then double your winnings!
The more correct predictions the more you win! Let’s roll!

Select your stake by clicking on the up and down arrows on the right hand side of the screen.

Predict the total numbers of the dice to be rolled, ranging from 2-12 and bet your stake on the following options:

Singles: Place your chip(s) on the number total you think the two dice will roll.

Split Bets: Place your chip(s) on the join between two single bets to cover both numbers.

Upper: Place your chip(s) on this bet to cover number totals 10 – 12 inclusive

Middle: Place your chip(s) on this bet to cover number totals 5 – 9 inclusive

Lower: Place your chip(s) on this bet to cover number totals 2 – 4 inclusive.

Click Roll to play. 
Double your winnings!
When your prediction is correct you win a 2 option choice screen will pop up: either click Collect to collect your winnings or double them by clicking Higher or Lower to predict whether the last dice rolled will be higher/lower than the first of the next dice roll.

You can double your money as many times as you want before collecting your winnings, (as long as each prediction is correct).

Should you roll dice of the same value during the double up feature, you will have the option to choose again for another roll, and if the dice roll in the same numbers as each other again, you lose.

Click the Clear All button to remove all chips from the table
Use the Repeat Bet button to place the same chips as previously placed.

Your total stake will be displayed in the ‘Stake’ field.

Your winnings will be displayed in the ‘Win’ field and added to you balance.


The possible payout rates are shown on the bet board as well as on mouse-over in the respective betting areas.

Good Luck!