Casino Hold'em

Play Hold 'em poker against the casino! Casino Hold 'em offers payouts up to 100 times, plus an optional and lucrative 'AA bet' which pays at least 7 to 1 if you manage to string together a hand with a pair of Aces or better.


Drag and drop the chips you want to bet onto Ante. Once you've anted up, you may bet on AA as well to try and win more money. Hit Deal to start the game.

Before the deal, you can adjust your bets by dragging the chips back off the table with the mouse.

At this point, both you and the dealer receive 2 private hole cards, and 3 community cards are dealt. This is called the flop and will eventually contain 5 cards.

Ante bet
If you think your hand will beat the dealer's when the next two community cards are dealt, Call to place another bet equal to your Ante.

If instead you think all is lost, then you can Fold and lose your Ante (and your AA side bet) without risking any more money on your bad hand.

If you choose to call, 2 more community cards are dealt bringing the total to 5, and your best 5 card hand is compared to the dealer's best 5 card hand.

The dealer must have a pair of 4s or better to qualify.

If the dealer does not qualify, the Ante bet pays according to the Ante bet paytable and the Call bet is a 'push' and returned to you with no winnings.

If the dealer qualifies, and your hand is better still, the Ante bet pays according to the Ante bet paytable and the Call bet pays 1 to 1.

If both hands are even, the result is a 'push' and your bets are returned.

If the dealer qualifies, and his hand beats yours, you lose all bets.

AA bet
You win the AA bonus if you called after the flop and your hand shows a pair of Aces or better. Payout is higher the better your hand, see below.


All payouts are written on the Casino Hold 'em table itself.

Payouts for Ante vary, with any winning hand up to a straight paying 1-1, and 100 to 1 for a royal flush.

Call always pays 1 to 1.

AA pays 7-1 for a pair of Aces up to a straight, 20 to 1 for a flush, and all the way up to 100 to 1 for a royal flush.

Good Luck!