Как играть "Make the Finals"

Bet a virtual Euro football tournament all the way to the finals, with 16 national teams, furious knockout stages and age-old rivalries all condensed into one amazing betting game!

Choose whether you want to practice betting to get a feel for the game first, or bet real money.

Use the +/- arrows next to each team to adjust how much you want to bet on that team to win their group. You can always reset your bets to zero by clicking on Reset.

Click on the Quarters tab, Semis tab, and/or Finals tab, to bet on the teams you think will make it past the group stages to the following rounds. Click on the Champions tab to pick your favorite to win the tournament outright.

When you have decided on your bets, click on Submit bets to see the group stage results within seconds.

Now you can place bets at fresh odds on all the matches/teams left in the knockout stages of the tourney.

Every time you click Submit bets, the tournament advances to the next knockout stage and a new round of betting begins with the remaining teams.


You are paid according to the odds quoted for each team.

Special features

Click on Results at the top left to see exactly how the teams performed against each other.

As the tournament runs, click on the Bet History side tab to keep track of your bets and your winnings.

Good Luck!